Victor Special — Motion of the Planet #099

Listen on 27th of July 13:00 — 15:00 MSK Time new episode of Motion of the Planet #099 by Victor Special on Lumix FM


1 Intro
2 Victor Special & Air Project ft. Illya Krasnov — ID (Extended Mix) Sundance Recordings
3 4 Joann — Trula (Extended Mix) Blackout Trance
4 Paul Pollux — The Last Farewell (Original Mix) Mindlifting Records
5 Double Motion & Air Project — Piece Of Heaven (Arsen Gold Remix) Blackout Trance
6 Tolga Uzulmez — The New Era (Tony Grand Remix) SMIND Music
7 Sacred 7 — Ankh (Extended Mix) SMIND Music
8 Edan Sounds — Glowing (Original Mix) AlYf Recordings
9 Marco Mc Neil — Fearless (Extended Mix) SMIND Music
10 DJ Jireh — Dispel Doubt (Original Mix) Deepsink Digital
11 Exciters — Attrition (Extended Mix) SMIND Music
12 DJ Aramis — Raptor Pilot (Extended Mix) Shamania Music
13 Onur Ates — Unforgettable (Orhan Onur Arslan Remix) SMIND Music
14 Marco Mc Neil — Luminance (Extended Mix) SMIND Music
15 Rezwan Khan — Virtue (Original Mix) Deepsink Digital
16 Milosh K — Together In Love (Original Mix) Sundance Recordings
17 Syntouch — Flora (Extended Mix) Butterfly Music
18 DJ Abscence — Renewal (Original Mix) Redux
19 Shane Infinity — 7th Sense (Original Mix) Deepsink Digital
20 Paul Pollux — Angels & Demons (Original Mix) Technomind Music
21 Miguel Angel Castellini & Javii Wind — Water Moon (Entended Mix) Blackout Trance
22 Richard Durand — The Air I Breathe (Extended Mix) Outburst Records
23 Outro

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